Search posts

Please use this (https://YOUR-SITE.COM/mobile_api/search_posts) API to access posts searching endpoint

Get parameters

Field Value Remarks
query Search keywords E.g. `how to get followers`
offset Last post offset ID This is only needed when loading posts of the pagination system.
session_id (Optional) ​Access token ID E.g. de25cc16eb00960f076...
page_size ​Total post limit for each request Recommended: 20

Success response

    "valid": true,
    "code": 200,
    "message": "Results found",
    "data": [
            "id": 72,
            "user_id": 7,
            "text": "how to get more twitter followers",
            "type": "text",
            "replys_count": "0",
            "reposts_count": "0",
            "likes_count": "0",
            "status": "active",
            "thread_id": 0,
            "target": "publication",
            "og_data": "",
            "time": "3 minutes ago",
            "advertising": false,
            "time_raw": "1605783333",
            "og_text": "how to get more twitter followers",
            "og_image": "statics/img/logo.png",
            "url": "http://colibri.loc/thread/72",
            "can_delete": false,
            "media": [],
            "is_owner": false,
            "has_liked": false,
            "has_saved": false,
            "has_reposted": false,
            "owner":{"id": 7, "url": "http://colibri.loc/@dan_kassing", "avatar": "http://colibri.loc/upload/default/avatar.png",…},
            "offset_id": 72

Error responses

    "code": 204,
    "message": "No data found",
    "data": []

    "error_code": "invalid_request_data",
    "code": 400,
    "message": "The search term is invalid or missing",
    "data": []