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Here’s How You Can Customize Default Mail and Message Replies on Apple Watch

Apple is one of the most popular multinational technology companies that is known for designing iPhones, iPads, and various other smart gadgets.

Four Ways to Create Links in OneNote (Explained)

OneNote allows users to link different OneNote notebooks with each other. In this blog, we will guide you on how to create links in OneNote notebooks, paragraphs, sections, and pages.

What is a hard drive partition, and How to do it?

A hard drive partition means creating several virtual drives to store files or folders and applications separately.

How to fix your frozen Mac computer

Are you getting frustrated from your frozen Mac and don't know what to do? There is no need to worry if your Mac computer is freezing or getting slow. We are here to help you fix your Mac if it is freezing.

How to Know Unkown Caller’s Call Details?

Are you getting annoyed by calls from an unknown number? Thinking about what to do in such a case? Need any help in knowing who’s calling? Well, there are a number of applications that can help you with the unknown callers’ details.

Everything You Need To Know About the Latest Oculus V30 Update

Finally, Facebook has started Dispatching its v30 upgrade to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headphones.

How to Obtain Android 12 Widgets on Your Smartphone with KWGTs

Android 12 come in beta at this moment. However, even though, on the beta version

Cyberpunk 2077 is Shockingly Stacking Back to The PlayStation Store
Cyberpunk gives off an impression of being getting back to the PlayStation Store.

Apps That Help You Use Your Old Phone as a Security Camera

Is your neighborhood becoming slightly concerned with the thefts happening at night? Don't worry; we are here with this blog to help you solve that problem.

The Power Upgrade of USB-C Has Delivered a Staggering Performance for Gaming Laptops
The transcendental power update of USB-C tech has resulted in a staggering 240W power capacity, which is expected to change the game for gaming laptops and other tech devices.

The Power Upgrade of USB-C Has D..

The transcendental power update of USB-C tech has resulted in a staggering 240W power capacity, which is expected to change the game for gaming laptops and othe..

Follow These Steps Before Selling Your Phone, and Stay Safe

Users don't use their smartphones for more than two years in today's world. Phones and especially smartphones

Citizen- Crime Alert App Testing On-Demand Security Service

A big ball of controversy is surrounding the app, as it mistakenly indicated an innocent person as the suspect.

Apple WWDC 2021: What To Expect From MacOS 12 And iOS 15

Apple is most likely to stand out in the Worldwide Developer Conference with the preview of the next operating system.

Twitter Verification Relaunch: What Are the Procedures to Get Verified for Blue Badge

With the restart of the verification process, you must have six eligible categories to verify your Twitter profile.

U.S. Treasury Crypto Plan: New and Strict Cryptocurrency Compliance with IRS

The U.S treasury to strengthen the rules by reducing tax gaps, as they pose illegal threats.

BritBox – A Guide to the British Television and Movie Streaming Service

It has become the preferred way for entertainment fans to consume their favorite TV show and movies with streaming services, and it will become more and more popular.

Top 5 Cheap Webcams for Virtual Conferencing

Webcams are crucial for online video callings and virtual meetings. A webcam is a small camera device that connects to a computer and enables image and video capturing.

EVGA CLC AIO is the Cooler to Choose For Your PC

The limited availability of critical hardware is why the prices of graphic cards and processors are reaching sky-high.

How to Switch Between Apple Music Individual and Family Plans?

Apple Music provides three different subscription plans to its users: Student Plan, Individual Plan, and Family Plan.

How to Set Up Multiple Accounts on Apple TV

Steaming shows and movies on Apple TV gives a unique experience like no other. They are designed for big family rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms, but there are many more things that users can do with it.