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I’m a software engineer living in USA . I am a fan of technology. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship.

Best LiDAR Apps for iPhone 12 & iPad Pro

LiDAR scanner comes in-built on iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. The advantage of this great scanner is that one can measure the distance between two objects. The feature makes it possible to measure a person’s height. Several companies have developed apps to measure a person’s height and the position of an object, but the list includes the apps that stand out from others.


Everything You Need to Know About McAfee Total Protection

Irrespective of the operating system that you use for your system whether it is Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, you can feel free to employ McAfee Total Protection to protect your system.The latest offer of McAfee Total Protection offers total and premium security for two years. The package includes two years subscription to premium antivirus services, pc optimization features, and restricted browsing feature.



An Offline Iteration of Office 2021 Is in the Makings At Microsoft

The tech-giant Microsoft is creating an offline version of Microsoft 2021.First and foremost, you should be informed about the fact (in case you are not) that a new version of Microsoft Office 2021 along with a new product called Microsoft LTSC will arrive sometime later this year in 2021 for the users of Windows and macOS.


McAfee “Total Protection” Antivirus Review

This blog is based on the expert review that SafetyDetectives have published about the McAfee Antivirus: Total Protection. Is the antivirus worthy of a try? We are discussing that right hereThough the use of McAfee antivirus is extensive and ubiquitous, it has been generally considered by experts as a mediocre and home-useful antivirus.


Antivirus Review-Norton 360 (2021)

The blog is based on a detailed review written by Bjorn Johansson, which was published by Safety Detectives. If you want to access the review article, log on to good or bad is Norton 360. Is it even worthy of a go? Let us look into it.



Top 7 Antivirus Tools of the Year 2021

Nowadays, information security has become as vital as locking the door every time you step out of the house.A recent survey has insinuated the fact that almost 2/3rd of American internet users have fallen prey to hackers. And, as stated by Webroot representative Greg Luebke, a part of the problem lies in the absence of the user’s vigilance.


Everything You Need to Know About February Updates of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 caters to a wide range of corporate office professionals, students, teachers, professors, researchers, marketers, and various other players of the global industry. It offers all the basic Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc., and other useful tools such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Access, Sway, and Publisher.


The Latest Update in Symantec Norton Antivirus Definition

Techspot has recently posted about an update issued by Symantec Norton Antivirus Definition. This blog is a brief description of the same.It has always been advised by cyber experts that we should always keep our anti-virus updated in order to fix any bugs, which could be used by hackers to gain access to our private and sensitive information. So, this blog is relevant for everyone who uses a contemporary device equipped with anti-virus.

“The Rock” Talks About Racial Injustice He Faced As a Child

The star of the “Fast & Furious” franchise, Dwayne Johnson, commonly renowned by his WWE surname “The Rock,” has introspected on the feelings he used to feel as a teenager and how everything was related to the environment, he was living in.



Make Yourself Stress-Free with These Stupendous Jigsaw Puzzles

Well, it’s quite difficult to stay peaceful and stress-free nowadays as there are plenty of bad things going on, including the Covid-19 pandemic, negative social media posts, hatred news, personal problems, and many more. However, there some things that can be done to avoid or overcome all these problems, engaging with a jigsaw puzzle is one of them. In this article, we have included some really fantastic jigsaw puzzles that feature great art as well as a good level of challenge. These puzzles will help you keep your neurons f

Looking for an Excellent Monitor for PS5? Here They Are

Sony’s latest console, PlayStation 5 is really very powerful and works fantastically with many monitors. However, we have listed some of the best monitors that will give you the best experience. In addition to it, each monitor that we are going to recommend boasts HDMI ports, as PlayStation five features only a single video outlet that’s HDMI. So you won’t face any problem connecting any of the monitors with the PS5. Let’s take a look at the monitors.

McAfee Total Protection Login
McAfee is a user-affordable basic antivirus product with many features. The biggest aspect, which has impressed many users its efficient encryption-based protection operations, which ensures the protection of sensitive and secretive data. McAfee also provides mobile protection and parental controls. It is very easy to have it working in your system if you can log on to "McAfee Log In." The website will systematically guide in download, installation, and activation procedures. However, you must ensure that you are not sharing the activation code with anyone.

AMD RDNA 3 architecture to Acquire Zen’s Multi Chip Module design

AMD, one of the most famous multinational semiconductor company, has RDNA 3 as its recent project. RDNA 3 will be great graphics architecture succeeding the current RDNA 2. It seems to be a great turn for AMD to be the first to utilize the design “ Multi chip module.”


Chromecast With Google TV: Levelled Up Smart TV With Voice Assistant Remote

Google’s new Chromecast streaming media dongle is slightly different. Besides fantastic streaming or “casting” content from your devices like its previous products, this brand new device will give you a feel like modern days smart TV.With a thorough user-interface and remote control, the latest Chromecast with Google TV will cost you in an affordable range. You can still Google Cast to the brand new device, but this new smooth plastic dongle is more than just a simple receiver that runs the full Android TV software,

Amy Schumer Has Denounced the Need to Stay Slim in Her Interview With Hunter McGrady

The comedian cum actress Amy Schumer has called out the media for their over-emphasis on body shape and has called the judgments pertaining to it as “negative.”


After Christopher Nolan’s Fight With Warner Media, Where Does His Future Lie?

We all know about the conflict that Christopher Nolan has with Warner Media. And, we also know that the conflict is deep. On the one hand, we have Christopher Nolan, who is all about the theater industry. He cares about films and the platform on which they should be seen. On the other hand, we have Warner Media, who cannot sustain without profit, and in these ongoing times of uncertainty, they have chosen their streaming platform, HBO Max, as their money maker.

Money Heist Report: Alvaro Morte Has Confirmed That Filming for Season 5 Has Reached Its Conclusion

Alvaro Morte, renowned for his role of “El Professor” in the hit Spanish Netflix show “La Casa de Papel” (House of Paper) or Money Heist, has shared a heartfelt message from the streaming giant Netflix alluding to the fact that the productions of the fifth season of “Money Heist” has now reached its conclusion.


Michelle Williams Will Lead the Cast in the Biopic Film “Fever”

The veteran actress Michelle Williams will star in the film “Fever” based on the life of Peggy Lee, which will be directed by Todd Haynes. The star of the critically acclaimed musical film “Walk the Line,” Reese Witherspoon, will be producing the film.



Mark Ruffalo Has Offered Glimpses of Himself and Ryan Reynolds From the Upcoming Film “The Adam Project”

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and MCU actor Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) have collaborated for the latest Netflix film titled “The Adam Project.” Now, a recent Instagram revelation from Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds has got all the fans pretty excited for the film.The premise of the film states that Reynolds’ character uses time-travel technology and travels back in time to meet the younger version of his father (which will be performed by Mark Ruffalo)

Michelle Pfeiffer Has Revealed Why She Had to Reject the Film “The Silence of the Lambs”

Pfeiffer, who is now a 62-year-old veteran actress, has revealed in her latest interview that she was offered to star as the protagonist “Clarice Starling” in the Anthony Hopkins starrer “The Silence of the Lambs.” She explained in her recent interview that she had to reject the role because the script of the film was way too evil for her liking.


Do You Know That Jared Leto’s Oscar Has Gone Missing for Three Years?

Jared Leto, the star of films such as “Mr. Nobody” and “Suicide Squad,” has revealed that his earnestly won Academy Award is not only not with him, but it has gone missing for at least three years.Jared Leto’s Academy Award is yet another addition to the list of honors “Missing In Action.” The actor had appeared on Tuesday on James Corden’s show (The Late Late Show With James Corden) and revealed that his award has been missing for three years.

Dave Bautista Has Alluded to the Fact That Drax Could Be Seen in the Film “Thor: Love and Thunder”

WWE star and famous for films such as Spectre, Blade Runner 2049, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista has also shared with his followers his preparation and muscle build-up for his return as Drax for the film “Thor: Love and Thunder.”Now, with the inclusion of Drax, we can rest assured that the famous “Guardians of the Galaxy” are going to be a part of “Thor: Love and Thunder” and understandably so since the mighty Thor included himself in the group at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Stranger Things Season 4 Report: Set Photos Allude to the Fact That the Main Character Is Going to Return to the Show

Considering the popularity of the series, which has only gone up in recent years, and the fact that it is one of the most-watched series at the streaming colossus Netflix, it is needless to say that the anticipation of the fourth season is sky-rocketing. The season is also expected to be the penultimate season of the fan-favorite show.

A Report: Johnny Depp Has Been Employed Yet Again by Disney

Let us dive into the report, which alludes to the fact that veteran actor from the Pirates of Caribbean franchise “Johnny Depp” has been recruited again by Disney. Pirates of the Caribbean is the most trusted lieutenant of Disney when it comes to its overall affluence. The Johnny Depp starrer franchise has been making the studio a ton of money for the past twenty years.



Boruto And Kawaki Defeats The Strongest Villians From The Past

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has a lot of things that are new to even Naruto. From Naruto’s Baryon mode to Kawaki’s arrival in the Hidden Leaf, Boruto keeps getting better with every chapter. The latest chapter 54 highlighted a new brotherhood spurring between Boruto and Kawaki after the battle with Isshiki and Momoshiki.



Dr. Stone: Senku’s Top 5 Inventions in Season 1

Dr.Stone teaches you about a lot of things. From science to maths, the protagonist, Senku, has a lot of things going on in his head. In season 1, fans witnessed a ton of inventions and discoveries. Not forgetting that the show is about human civilization and inventions, the season 2 premiere, and this might be the best time to look back at the best innovations from season 1 of Dr. Stone.



McAfee Account Login | McAfee Sign In | McAfee Log in My Account Activate

Antiviruses are valuable software that protects your computer from internet threats such as spyware, spam, trojan, and advanced threats like data leakage and hacking. There are thousands of antivirus programs available on the internet, but only a few actually remove those viruses. Among those antiviruses, McAfee has an empowering history, and it is effective in removing viruses and other threats from your computer. One can download, install and activate McAfee by searching from their desktop browser

A Report: Veteran Director Steven Spielberg Will Never Work With Tom Cruise Again

A report has emerged on the internet that veteran Hollywood director “Steven Spielberg,” who is renowned for directing several hit films like Jurassic Park, Jaws, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan, and Catch Me If You Can has decided that he will not be able to work with the Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise ever againWe all know that Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and celebrated directors of all time. The name of Steven Spielberg is definitely mentioned when we spe

Did You See the First Trailer of the Upcoming Film “Godzilla Vs. Kong”?

The first look of the upcoming tentpole from the Warner Bros.’ monster universe has been recently released. Did you see it? There are galore of monsters in the trailer of the Warner Bros.’ upcoming tentpole “Godzilla Vs. King.”Who do you think is going to win in the fight between the mighty King Kong and the king of monsters “Godzilla.”The upcoming tentpole will arrive on the streaming platform HBO Max and in theaters on March 26th, 2021.You can also check out the cool poster of “Godzilla Vs. Kong,” which is available

“Peaky Blinders” Universe Will Expand After Season 6

A movie based on the world of “Peaky Blinders” will launch another spin-off series, and as it was promised, the world of “Peaky Blinders” will go on after the conclusion of the sixth and final season. The production of the sixth and final season has already begun, and it will wind up the iconic saga of Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and his family.We are glad about this news. Aren’t we? Though the story of Tommy Shelby is coming to an end, the world will be showcased on screen in other forms.