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Login to Download or Set up Norton Account

Norton boosts the online security of a device and keeps it protected from cyber-based threats. The program offers excellent security features such as password manager, real-time malware detection, parental controls, secure VPN, and several other excellent features that protect your device digitally. To get premium security features of Norton, access a web browser and proceed to search for ""

Connect Your Canon Printer with

You can find some attractive features in the Canon printer. Plus, this printer is very useful for both the home and workplace. But it gives you a real challenge when you try to set it up. So, to easily set up your Canon printer, you must visit the Canon printer website to get familiar with the complete setup process.

Enter your product key | McAfee Activate

If you’ve recently bought McAfee antivirus and want to protect your device from a variety of online threats, go to and redeem your McAfee product key. Go to and follow the guidelines outlined below to download, install, and activate McAfee software on your device.


How to Rectify Login Error with My Office 365 Account?

So, how can you rectify the login error with your Office 365 account? Well. Let’s discuss the instructions for the same.Your Office 365 admin might not be having user consent for the enabled apps. And probably because of this, you might be facing issues while trying to login to your Dialpad using your Office 365 account.

Office 365 Account

How To Rank YouTube Videos in 2021

YouTube gives you not just fame but money also. This is the reason most people nowadays think of becoming a YouTuber. Thinking of becoming a YouTuber is easy, but becoming a successful YouTuber is really quite challenging in today’s world. A successful YouTube creator is the one who earns money on YouTube. People lose their hopes mid-way and find it difficult enough to complete 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers within a year. To reach the pinnacle of success in the arena of YouTube, the thing you need to do is learn how to rank a video. We have

Webroot Antivirus 2021 Review

You must have heard about Webroot SecureAnywhere, a lightweight device protection software. It might have gone through various tests, but there has been no independent test performed on it till now. So, we did our own research to see how it performs, and can we rely on it as our primary antivirus tool or not?

Webroot Antivirus

Webroot is a US-based cybersecurity organisation headquartered in Colorado. Not only are Webroot safety merchandise pocket-friendly, however they additionally have little to no affect on the gadget performance. All Webroot antivirus programs provide safety from malicious software.

The Solutions to Fix Norton Errors After Upgrade

So, what should we do when our Norton antivirus displays an error after an upgrade. How can we fix such a computer problem? Let us look into it.It is a prevalent problem, so you can bookmark this blog for future reference.


What Is the Procedure to Embed Microsoft Office With Google Drive?

Melding Microsoft Office with Google Drive will enable you to share files and work easily with your team across multiple platforms. It is a well-known fact that using Microsoft Office will allow you to use OneDrive cloud features for file storage and sharing; however, not many know about the fact that a user is not limited to only one online storage facility.


How to Repair Software Errors of McAfee on Windows Operating System?

McAfee is one of the most widely used antiviruses in the entire world. It is generally used by people who prefer not to buy expensive products for standard protection. Primarily, McAfee antivirus proposes two standard iterations, namely: McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection. Though it is a user-affordable antivirus, it offers a hoard of features such as mobile protection, real-time security, enhanced email scanning, encryption-based storage for sensitive and confidential files, automatic updates, parental controls,

Everything You Need to Know About McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security is an embedded and locally controlled endpoint security platform. It is an upgrade to long-standing technologies such as McAfee VirusScan Enterprise as it offers a single cybersecurity agent for multiple technologies. It also includes some of the newest and sophisticated cybersecurity technologies, such as machine-learning-based analysis and behavioral monitoring.


Work Smarter with These Stupendous Web Design Tools

A decent web design tool can make a significant difference in your workflow and creativity, but it’s not an easy task to find the right kind of tool that suits your requirements and creativity. However, we have listed some outstanding web design tools that are great for mockups, testing, frameworks, and more. So without wasting much more time, let’s take a look at them. Here we go!


How to Correct Common McAfee Download Errors?

This is a general blog to describe troubleshooting procedures for few prevalent download errors while downloading a McAfee product. You can refer to this blog if you are stuck in the early part of the activation process, and you are unable to download your product to your device from the



Contrast Between Bitdefender and Norton Antivirus for macOS

If you are a macOS user, this blog will help you make a better decision in the choice of antivirus you should use. If you go by the reviews, you will come across two antiviruses, i.e., Bitdefender and Norton. Both have superseded every other antivirus available in the cyber market in the Editor’s Choice category of PCMag.



The Enterprise Security Business of McAfee Has Been Sold for “$4 Billion”

The tech giant, known for making user-affordable and efficient antivirus software, McAfee has recently revealed to the press that the deal to sell its asset called “enterprise security business” to a company called “Symphony Technology Group” is all done and sealed. The deal will see a gigantic cash outflux of $4bn from Symphony Technology Group to McAfee.


A Dark Theme Feature for Microsoft Office Suite Is About to Get Introduced on Android

Microsoft Office is striving hard to make its services look more attractive and convenient. It has worked hard to introduce a “dark mode” feature to its set of applications available for desktops and laptops. And, now it seems that tech giant Microsoft is doing a similar thing for Android as well.



AntiVirus Review: Webroot SecureAnywhere

How good is Webroot SecureAnywhere? Is it capable of solving all cybersecurity worries? Let us look into it.It has been stated by many cyber experts that Webroot SecureAnywhere has enhanced its performance capabilities, and in the current year, it has quickly stormed its way to become one of the top-performing antiviruses in the market in the current year.


Can Norton Antivirus Solve the Problem of a Trojan Horse?

We all have heard about Norton antivirus and its cybersecurity capabilities; however, can Norton Antivirus remove Trojan horse? It is possible that even if you activate a powerful antivirus software in your system, it can still contact a powerful malware such as Trojan horse, as malicious cybercriminals continue to toy with the viruses that can mess around with any system security software irrespective of how good they are. And, precisely, that is why cyber experts always recommend that we should download and install security updat

Comparison Between Kaspersky and McAfee Antivirus

The information has slowly overtaken money to become the biggest asset on planet Earth, and in order to protect it, we must guard our system with a suitable antivirus. However, there are many antiviruses in the market with innumerable features, so which antivirus should we buy? In this blog, we will offer you a brief overview of the contrast between Kaspersky and McAfee antivirus. We will see the benefits of each antivirus and how much they are reliable against harmful cyber threats.

Prevalent McAfee Installation Errors and Procedures to Fix Them

McAfee antivirus is one of the most sought-after antivirus toolkits in the world. It is a product of the company McAfee Corporation, formerly known as McAfee Associates, Inc. The headquarters of the company is in the Santa Clara region of California. The foundation of the company was laid by John McAfee.


What to Choose Among the Norton Antivirus Plans?

Everybody knows about Norton antivirus and the credibility it holds among cyber experts and users. However, Norton antivirus is not a monolithic iteration; it offers a Stonehenge of options to choose from. So, which one should you pick? Norton AntiVirus Plus is alright, Norton 360 is even better, but should you go for them, or should you select a different deal such as Norton 360 Deluxe, entirely? Let us look into it.


What to Choose Among the Norton Antivirus Plans?

Everybody knows about Norton antivirus and the credibility it holds among cyber experts and users. However, Norton antivirus is not a monolithic iteration; it offers a Stonehenge of options to choose from. So, which one should you pick? Norton AntiVirus Plus is alright, Norton 360 is even better, but should you go for them, or should you select a different deal such as Norton 360 Deluxe, entirely? Let us look into it.


Procedure to Use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook Device

As you know, Microsoft Office is an immensely ubiquitous and well-liked set of productivity tools offered by Microsoft. So, there is no wonder people want to use it on their Chromebooks. But, how can we use it? Here, we will discuss in a user-friendly way how you can easily activate Microsoft Office on your Chromebook device.


Best LiDAR Apps for iPhone 12 & iPad Pro

LiDAR scanner comes in-built on iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. The advantage of this great scanner is that one can measure the distance between two objects. The feature makes it possible to measure a person’s height. Several companies have developed apps to measure a person’s height and the position of an object, but the list includes the apps that stand out from others.


Everything You Need to Know About McAfee Total Protection

Irrespective of the operating system that you use for your system whether it is Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, you can feel free to employ McAfee Total Protection to protect your system.The latest offer of McAfee Total Protection offers total and premium security for two years. The package includes two years subscription to premium antivirus services, pc optimization features, and restricted browsing feature.



An Offline Iteration of Office 2021 Is in the Makings At Microsoft

The tech-giant Microsoft is creating an offline version of Microsoft 2021.First and foremost, you should be informed about the fact (in case you are not) that a new version of Microsoft Office 2021 along with a new product called Microsoft LTSC will arrive sometime later this year in 2021 for the users of Windows and macOS.


McAfee “Total Protection” Antivirus Review

This blog is based on the expert review that SafetyDetectives have published about the McAfee Antivirus: Total Protection. Is the antivirus worthy of a try? We are discussing that right hereThough the use of McAfee antivirus is extensive and ubiquitous, it has been generally considered by experts as a mediocre and home-useful antivirus.


Antivirus Review-Norton 360 (2021)

The blog is based on a detailed review written by Bjorn Johansson, which was published by Safety Detectives. If you want to access the review article, log on to good or bad is Norton 360. Is it even worthy of a go? Let us look into it.



Top 7 Antivirus Tools of the Year 2021

Nowadays, information security has become as vital as locking the door every time you step out of the house.A recent survey has insinuated the fact that almost 2/3rd of American internet users have fallen prey to hackers. And, as stated by Webroot representative Greg Luebke, a part of the problem lies in the absence of the user’s vigilance.


Everything You Need to Know About February Updates of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 caters to a wide range of corporate office professionals, students, teachers, professors, researchers, marketers, and various other players of the global industry. It offers all the basic Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc., and other useful tools such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Access, Sway, and Publisher.