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Howdy, I’m Luz. I’m a software engineer living in Glasgow, United Kingdom. I am a fan of writing, web development.

Paul Greengrass’s 2009 unmade Watchmen movie was similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker.
Recently director Greengrass shared his vision and approach of the Watchmen’s adaptation. He revealed that his ideas for the film were very different from the final execution of Zack Snyder’s version.

Professor Stephen Hawking predicted how the world would end and penned a “near-certain” doomsday date.

As the threat regarding online activities is increasing with every passing year, users need to be more careful while using the internet.

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Hulu is a popular video streaming platform with a vast collection of movies and TV shows from different genres.
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The Stand, a series based on a best-selling book penned by Stephen King, will get a release on STARZPLAY.

The release of the post-apocalyptic series has been set to be January the 3rd for Europe and South America.

STARZPLAY is an upper-tier streaming platform developed by Starz, and today it announced that it has now owned the streaming rights for the limited series “The Stand”; a series adaptation of a post-apocalyptic novel penned by Stephen King in 1978.


She dissolved herself into tears as she gave an account of an experience she had with one of her fans.
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