Apple allows its users to backup their device’s data before changing or selling their iPhone, iPad Mac or even Apple Watch. But even after getting this amazing feature, often a lot of people mistakenly start their device as a new device. So if you’ve also already set up your Apple Watch as a new device accidentally, worry not because you can still restore your Apple Watch from backup.

For people who don’t prefer to carry cash, Apple Watch could be a perfect payment device. Most of the Apple Watch users use it to stay fit, but it can also be used to make payments quickly.

In this article, we have discussed how you can use Accessibility Shortcut on an Apple Watch. Over the years, the Accessibility suite has been a fundamental aspect of Apple’s ecosystem. Features like Touch Accommodations VoiceOver, and Zoom,make it a suitable asset for each individual using it. If you want to invoke Accessibility features, you can easily do it using the Accessibility Shortcut.

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